So, you’re trying to amp up your attitude. Your self-help guru told you to use positive thinking, right? Post an encouraging affirmation on your social media, they say. You may be confused between what you like the most: hanging out or posting that you hung out. Want to change your life? Just repeat these uplifting affirmations and all your uneasiness will magically disappear. Or will it? You say: I am beautiful. You say: I will be financially successful. And your mind immediately reminds you that you feel unattractive and unprofitable.

I’m gonna start being more assertive – if that’s okay with you. When was the last time you told someone how you really feel? Would it be better for you to speak up or forever hold your peace? Perhaps you stay tight-lipped in order to avoid conflict. Is it safe to share? First and foremost, who is the listener? Sadly, not every family member or friend is able to listen kindly and non-judgmentally. Please do not express vulnerability with people who are repeatedly unsympathetic or insensitive to you.

Do you wake up every day saying to yourself: “Today is not my day”? Things are not the way they should be, are they? Sometimes we can set things right, but at times, we clearly cannot. Do you know how to simply accept some things as they are? Hmm, can you change the forecast today? My weekend forecast: reading, with a chance of chocolate. Then again, at a certain age your knees might give you a better forecast than the guy on TV.

So, you had a good night’s sleep, but you can’t get yourself out of bed in the morning. Come to think of it, I think I burn about 1,000 calories every time I try to put a fitted sheet back on my bed. Listen, there are many theories about why humans even need to sleep, but we’re pretty sure it’s to charge our phones.