What are the unique talents and strengths that you can offer our beleaguered world? Hey, I have lots of hidden talents. The trouble is they’re so hidden, even I can’t find them. Sharing your savvy or smarts with others is an expression of love.

Are you arrogant, snooty, and uppity, or do you simply have self-respect? What makes you feel good about yourself? If you are displaying snobbish and stuck-up behavior in order to feel superior to your friends, you may be in need of genuine self-love. You know what they say: “Arrogance requires advertising; confidence speaks for itself.” Unless you’re a drone pilot, no need to look down on everyone.

Do you view asking for help as a sign of weakness or wimpishness? What is stopping you? Is it ego, pride, or fear of being judged? If you let your head get too big, you may break your neck. If you’ve already given it the ole college try, do you still shy away from asking anyone for advice?

If you stare at the door for too long, you may miss the window opening. Listen, there are 16-year-olds competing at the Olympics, and I still push on “Pull” doors. So, when was the last time you did something new and different? Believe it or not, some of our limitations are self-imposed. Do you welcome new experiences or shy away from them? Perhaps there’s a food you’ve always wanted to try. Some days, you just have to be thankful for all the different ways to eat potatoes. By the way, do you also plan your outfit based on how much food you plan on eating. I get it.  There may be a place you have always dreamed of visiting. Why haven’t you? It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

“I wish all my enemies had three cars parked in front of their house: an ambulance, a fire truck, and a police car.” Uh-oh. Why is it so enticing to seek revenge when we are suffering or offended? Who disappointed or flat-out hurt you? Was it a friend, colleague, sister, brother, or even your husband or wife? Ah, now vengeance is yours. Is your anger festering right beneath the surface? Hmmm. What to do?

You know what they say: Love at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a second look. We all give and receive affection differently. Do you agree? Some people are more capable of sustaining certain types of love than others. We may all agree that unconditional and spiritual love may be the highest form of loyalty and love there is.