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A decade ago, when Robert Morgenthau retired from his 35-year position as Manhattan District Attorney, the Museum of Jewish Heritage had an exhibit on his family’s outsize role in American politics and Jewish history. The wing of the museum hosting the exhibit, which was titled “The Morgenthaus: A Legacy of Service,” also carries the family’s name.

The passing of this great “little” man, Sam Weisinger, left me particularly sad and wistful.

During my tenure in Forest Hills, I had the incredible privilege of getting to know quite a few Holocaust survivors, who are among the most special people on Earth. While all of them went through their own unique unspeakable experiences, and all of them are heroic in their own way, Mr. Weisinger taught me more than anyone about the power of emunah and hishtavus (equanimity), and of love of Hashem and His Torah.

A crowded audience attended a Reception benefiting Chazaq's life-changing Program for public school students to attend Yeshivas, on Thursday, August 8, at the home of Dr. Paul and Drora Brody, to commemorate the 8th Yahrzeit of Mrs. Bea Brody z”l, Baila bas HaRav Ya’acov Aryeh z”l. The reception, featuring Guest Speaker Eli Rietti, author of The Frum Revolution, marked Chazaq's inaugural Great Neck reception in private homes.

A Magnificent Beginning To Every Life Story

How some moments fleet away, like a fading dream or the dissipating dew? As we draw close to life’s monumental decisions, we celebrate them and cherish the opportunity to start on a beautiful note. In such circumstances, the setting can make all the difference for those memories we fondly recall. Treasured time, a Castle straight off the pages of a fairy tale; these are amongst the experiences promised by Legacy Castle. We interview the team at this truly remarkable place in the hopes of giving our readers a chance to imagine the upper limits of their special celebrations.

There are 15 psalms in the Shir HaMaalos series. According to the Talmud (Mishnah Sukkah 5:4), the 15 “Songs of Ascent” (Shir HaMaalos) of T’hilim (Psalms 120-134) were sung by the L’vi’im while ascending the 15 stairs in the Beis HaMikdash. The Talmud describes that the L’vi’im would graduate from one step to the next, while playing their instruments and singing one of the 15 corresponding psalms – one Song of Ascents on each step.