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Much has been made of the nasty and perverse anti-Israel demonstration on Saturday, April 27, outside the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Hilton Hotel on Connecticut Ave in DC. The glitzy affair featured President Joe Biden hurling jabs at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump while also offering dire warnings of the fate of democracy in America if he isn’t re-elected in November.

 First thanks to those of you who have reached out. This is not an easy letter to compose. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to share with you my observations and to explain why silence in the face of evil is not an option. Yesterday was an up day for those of us who are dual American Israeli  Citizens. It was an up day because we had the opportunity to view the coverage of a major demonstration showing support for Israel in Washington DC. An opportunity to hear the voices of Christians and Muslims join those of my Jewish brothers and sisters in articulating why Hamas must be destroyed and cease to be a threat to Israel and the Palestinian people.    

The Red Wave that failed to sweep the 2020 Presidential Election did have a handful of wins, including the ascension to power of Rep. Mike Lawler in the Hudson Valley. Lawler has been an outspoken voice within the GOP, and I had the honor to hear him speak with complete determination on the failures in education that cultivate antisemitism, and in support of our pro-Israel and overall Jewish values.

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At 6:30 in the morning on November 7, Aaron Dahan walked into Caffé Aronne on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As the owner, he was coming off a rough few weeks in which five employees had quit their jobs. Nevertheless, everything seemed fine when he checked in with the two baristas who had shifts that morning, before he left to go run an event. Little did he know, but Caffé Aronne was about to become much more than a small neighborhood café.

The absolute anarchy of the college campus protests has the public and politicians wondering what can be done about these universities that foster hatred for Jews, Israel, America, and Western Civilization. Obviously, people are allowed to say what they want, and are allowed to protest, but that does not mean that illegal activities such as calls for violence, vandalism, and trespassing are allowed. It also does not mean that the taxpayer must subsidize what is being taught at these colleges. The path towards a solution led the House of Representatives to pass the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.”

After spending millions to defeat Squad member in last election only to lose in landslide, mainstream Jewish groups avoided endorsing Don Samuels, who is poised to lose by just 2%

Progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar was poised to narrowly maintain her Congressional seat after a moderate challenger nearly pulled off an upset in the Democratic primary election for Minnesota’s 5th District on Tuesday.