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Life presents us with many challenges; but by passing our tests, we prepare ourselves for receiving Hashem’s blessings. The key to recognizing a test is to remember that everything comes from Hashem and there is none other than Hashem! Everything that happens to us is His Divine Will!

Fleetwood Synagogue hosted Miriam Krupka Berger on Saturday night, as part of its annual Charles Sidlow Memorial Lecture series. This year’s program was titled “The Prophet, the Priest, and the Public: An Examination of the Balance of Powers in the Age of Prophecy and What it Means for Us Today.” Ms. Berger, the current chair of the Tanach Department at Ramaz and a teacher there for over a decade, highlighted the differences between a navi and a kohen, elaborating on the navi’s role as a leader and the challenges he faced in translating the words and emotions of G-d.

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