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As the year winds to a close, Central students are joyfully sharing the products of their imaginations with the wider world. Last week on Wednesday, Central’s ACE Team 40 concluded a spectacular year by presenting their design for a nearly two-million-square-foot water park and hotel site in Chenango County at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in Manhattan.

On Sunday evening, May 15, the community gathered at Beth Gavriel for an energizing shiur given by Rabbi Eliyahu Yormak, a rebbe at Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin. Rabbi Yormak began, “We just finished the chag of Pesach. Hashem should load us with brachah. The mitzvos of Pesach are an endless z’chus and bring endless k’dushah.” He shared that the amount of merit we accrue from our mitzvos depends on how we relate to the mitzvah.

The Northwell Health System serves a wide range of patients in its 23 hospitals and over 700 outpatient clinics, including many in the Queens area. Understanding the cultural and religious needs of the Jewish community during the Passover 2019 holiday, the Board of Trustees of Northwell Health designated Executive Vice-President Mr. Jeffrey Kraut to effectuate a unique and halachically correct m’chiras chametz under the guidance of Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz and Rabbi Hillel Fox.


The title to this wonderful, impactful exhibit, “Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in downtown Manhattan, is somewhat misleading. It is not an exhibit about Auschwitz, although we do get there – seeing a showerhead from the gas chamber, a German gas mask, an empty Zyklon B canister, and a huge cauldron where the watery soup was made for inmates – but that is later.