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The days leading up to Shavuos were a frenzy of activity and anticipation for Emet Outreach. The organization embarked on their annual fundraising campaign at a pivotal time in the Jewish calendar, when the celebration of Matan Torah is front and center. It was a moment that was especially poignant for Emet, since the transmission of Torah from their dedicated educators to their committed students happens in real-time each and every day. This year, in these unprecedented times, Emet’s vital work took on even greater significance – and the community responded.

After an 11 p.m. curfew did little to prevent looting in New York City overnight, Mayor Bill de Blasio said residents are required to be home by 8 p.m. Tuesday night, which will remain in place through Sunday. Here are the other top cities across the country with similar curfews in place:

Lisette Voytko Forbes Staff

The Queens Jewish Alliance has been in close contact with the police precinct, elected officials, and Queens Shmira regarding the ongoing unrest in the City. Inspector Henry has stated that although at this time there is no credible threat to our KGH community, we must be vigilant and cautious. Additionally, officers have been made aware that the Queens Ladies Mikvah is open for regular operations. Counsel members Kozlowitz and Lancman along with Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal have spoken with the 107th precinct. No one should have an issue going to prayers or the mikvah. The patrolling officers are being briefed about minyan and the mikvah practices. If anyone has any issues they should reach out to him immediately This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Be aware that Governor Cuomo has imposed a curfew tonight from 8 PM to 5 AM. Mayor de Blasio says New York City's curfew will continue through Sunday. There will be extra police vehicles as well as Shmira patrolling the area.
If you notice anything suspicious, immediately call 911 and Queens Shmira at 718-329-4444. We advise caution when traveling outside of the immediate area tonight.

We live in an amazing community. In a previous article, I mentioned all the heroes on my block in Kew Gardens Hills; now, I would like to single out another special group of people who shine, bringing positivity and sparkle to many people during all times and especially during this difficult time. I interviewed several local psychotherapists and psychologists to find out how this virus has affected their work and their thoughts about it. I found their positive outlook and thoughts so inspiring.