Colors: Blue Color

On Sunday, June 23, the sun was finally shining, the smell of fresh-cut grass was in the air, and the anticipation grew as the Marc Katz Memorial Championship Games for the Jewish Community Baseball League (JCBL) were about to begin. The playoff tournament is named in tribute to the memory of Marc Katz, of blessed memory, our league president of 26 years, who was taken from us suddenly just three days before the 2014 championship games. Marc strongly believed in the mission of the Jewish Community Baseball League, because it brings Jewish children from varied backgrounds closer to Judaism and to each other through organized sports. Marc’s memory will forever be linked to our league and to the values it promotes.

“Home is where the heart is” is often used to describe what really matters when putting down roots. For Rabbi Michael Fuzaylov and his wife Dina, “the heart” is being with Emet students. The couple and their young family recently moved from Kew Gardens to Forest Hills. It was not the typical move – usually driven by the need for more space or to be closer to family and friends. In fact, the Fuzaylovs did the opposite. They left their comfortable existence in a community they loved, all to be able to share the beauty of Shabbos and Yom Tov with Emet students.