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It was an exciting and impactful Shabbat for 65 students from Emet Outreach’s Forest Hills Leaders Fellowship.  Hosted by Rabbi Reuven Kigel, Emet’s Campus Director, and Mrs. Devorah Kigel, an Emet educator, women’s speaker and a dating and marriage coach, the students were warmly welcomed to the community of Passaic New Jersey. The theme of this memorable Shabbat was “Keeping Shabbat Together: Disconnecting in Order to Connect.”

This past Sunday, November 24, the Young Israel of Plainview announced the upcoming commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its first minyan. The synagogue hosted a Shabbaton on Shabbos, November 23. Activities included a wonderful oneg featuring memories from the Young Israel’s community founders. Fittingly, the celebration will take place at the Young Israel of Plainview, which is located at 132 Southern Parkway in Plainview.

Our neighborhood is so fortunate to have a unique lecture series geared to inform and educate us about the latest medical advice and findings for all different ailments and for the prevention of various diseases. Navigating the Medical System, founded and directed by Dr. Mel Breite, MD, brings top physicians and medical professionals to our community to educate us.

The generation-long immigration wave that brought Soviet Jews to America and Israel followed a timeline where the religious and Zionist activists were the first to cross the Iron Curtain. They were followed by individuals with family members abroad and those fleeing in search of better economic opportunities. “Today in the former USSR, there are few Jews left who have two Jewish parents,” said Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Binsky of Kehilas Moreshes Yaakov in Brooklyn. He met such individuals on a visit to a summer camp in Belarus run by the Yad Yisroel organization.

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There is an important characteristic in Judaism called Hakaras HaTov, being grateful and showing gratitude. Every Yid must develop an awareness and a mindset that recognizes all the good that one receives, and appropriately thank the Giver/giver. One of the ways in which we demonstrate our thanks to Hashem is by reciting Psalm 100 – Mizmor L’Sodah – during Shacharis, our weekday morning prayer service.