Colors: Blue Color

A decade ago, when Robert Morgenthau retired from his 35-year position as Manhattan District Attorney, the Museum of Jewish Heritage had an exhibit on his family’s outsize role in American politics and Jewish history. The wing of the museum hosting the exhibit, which was titled “The Morgenthaus: A Legacy of Service,” also carries the family’s name.

President Donald Trump broke barriers by being the first US president to kick off the regularly-issued invitation from organizers of the New York City Veterans Day Tribute Parade in the 100th annual gathering organized by the United War Veterans Council in Madison Park. There, the president pronounced “your greatest tribute of all is the way you lived your lives in the years since.” In a different kind of accolade, the Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center community located in the Jamaica section of Queens continued a time-honored Veterans Day tradition of inviting a local politician to showcase the glorious lives and pay tribute to their residents who served in the military. Over 40 occupants assembled in a demonstration of respect to the veterans that comprised roughly half under long-term care while the others are participants in the rehabilitation division. True they may not be as spry as when they fought oversees, but their spirit is remembered in an established tradition where Margaret Tietz ensures that the Queens community remembers their efforts.

A Magnificent Beginning To Every Life Story

How some moments fleet away, like a fading dream or the dissipating dew? As we draw close to life’s monumental decisions, we celebrate them and cherish the opportunity to start on a beautiful note. In such circumstances, the setting can make all the difference for those memories we fondly recall. Treasured time, a Castle straight off the pages of a fairy tale; these are amongst the experiences promised by Legacy Castle. We interview the team at this truly remarkable place in the hopes of giving our readers a chance to imagine the upper limits of their special celebrations.