The Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens sixth grade is learning about a topic close to many of our hearts – chocolate (okay, also about percents...). When Mrs. Lindell inquired as to who likes chocolate, many girls said they did. On a quest to prove that they really do like chocolate (Mrs. Lindell claims not to believe them), they sampled 100% chocolate (very bitter), 85% chocolate, 55% chocolate, and milk chocolate with 38% cocoa solids (absolutely delish). The students learned a lot about chocolate, percents, and reading ingredients. Whether or not they like chocolate or sugar (or sugar-flavored chocolate or chocolate-flavored sugar) is still up for debate.

  • “I learned that percents really matter, and that 100% isn’t always good!” – Shalva Kobre
  • “The lower percentage of chocolate the bar has, the sweeter it is.” – Phoebe Epstein
  • “When I tried the 100% cocoa chocolate bar, I coughed as I lunged for my much needed water bottle.” – Shira Nordlicht
  • “Trying the 100% chocolate was quite surprising, because I learned that chocolate by itself is really bitter.” – Hodaya Meir
  • “If it is 85% chocolate, there is 15% of other ingredients (probably all sugar)… Chocolate is bitter because of the cocoa, but when you add sugar it tastes sweet!” – Yael Miller