On Tuesday, February 9, the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach held its fourth annual History Day Fair as part of the larger National History Day Competition. The National History Day Competition is an event in which more than a half a million students participate each year. The projects examine an event in history and how it relates to a national theme. For the past five months, under the guidance of their social studies teacher Ms. Kristen Waterman, the eighth grade students researched various events in history related to this year’s theme, Communication: The Key to Understanding.

HALB students investigated time periods as far back as the American Industrial Revolution and as recent as the 1980s. They discovered how different methods of communication can be the key to understanding a variety of events in history. Students were able to present their information as a documentary, website, or exhibit. Each project type allowed students to use real-world skills to present their research in a fun and exciting way. This year, the students presented projects in person, while parents and family members Zoomed in for the wonderful event. The top three groups in each category will move on to compete virtually in Long Island History Day in March.

Congratulations to our winners:

Winning Documentary: “Television: The Key to Understanding the American Family” (Leah Ganchrow, Elana Silvera, Goldie Kuflik, and Yaira Herskowitz)

Winning Exhibit: “Breaking the Enigma Code” (Binyamin Posner, Menachem Porter, Ethan Ostrow, Yoni Schochet)

Winning Website: “It’s a Sunny Day to Learn” (Abby Karkowsky, Mikhaela Abayev, Sima Ross, Kayla Paul, Olivia Papilsky)