The safety of our community always comes first. The safety of our children and the educational institutions built to disseminate Torah is paramount. At Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens, the safety of the girls has long been discussed when entering the Kew Gardens campus at 85th Road and Metropolitan Avenue.

To this end, Rabbi Mordechai Ginsparg, Menahel, has dedicated significant time to ensure that a four-way stop sign would be installed at all crossings of the elementary school. Outreach, discussions, and follow-up conversations had been held with Seth Urbinder of the office of Council Member Lynn Schulman; Community Board 9, through their district manager, James McClelland; and Rabbi Daniel Pollack, community liaison for Congress Member Grace Meng.

This past week, their collective efforts culminated in the installation of the stop signs that will bring enhanced safety this upcoming school year to the over 700 girls, and many devoted staff members that use this troubled intersection daily. Appreciation is extended to NYPD Captain Jeremy Kivlin, commanding officer of the 102nd police precinct, for sending out his officers each day to protect the community.