On Taanis Esther, a group of Shevach students went to visit The Boulevard ALP to deliver mishloach manos provided by Agudath Israel of America, and to bring the spirit of Purim to the residents. With fun costumes and lively music, the elderly residents and the Shevach students alike had a memorable and uplifting experience.

One of the students who participated in this venture shared a glimpse of her rewarding experience. “Even before we arrived, I could see the excitement on the faces of all of the girls, all ready to share their enthusiasm with others. As we walked in to the nursing home, fully clad in our Purim gear, we saw the faces of the residents light up as they anticipated what was to come. As we walked around wishing everyone a ‘Happy Purim!’ and delivering the mishloach manos, we were inspired by the response of the residents. They all had something to give back, whether it be a smile, a story, or a simple ‘thank you’; their responses made all of our efforts worthwhile. As we left the nursing home, we felt that we had reached a level of true simchas Purim, which would stay with us for a while. It was clear to us that we had definitely received more than we had given.” This is just one girl’s experience, yet it was clear that many others felt the same way.

Kudos to the following Shevach students who participated in this wonderful chesed: Hindy Ausfresser, Shani Bennett, Miriam Shira Chanales, Miriam Goldstone, Tehila Hecht, Aviva Keller, Chaya Sara Kessler, Hudi Kramer, Devorah Leah Lavian, Avigayil Marcus, Shaina Mirsky, Chaya Podemski, Chavi Ribowsky, Bracha Rosenberg, Rochel Rosenshine, Batzie Schwartz, Shira Sklar, Hindy Steinberg, Malka Adina Taub, Racheli Taub, Bryndal Wurem, and Gitty Wurem.

In Kew Gardens, The Atria and The Homestead were both treated to a memorable visit by Shevach alumna Mrs. Batzion (Massis) Brody, her husband, and her three children, who, in their delightful costumes, brought Purim joy to all the residents. All the seniors loved being visited by the charming children, many residents in fact remembering them from their previous Purim visits. As Mrs. Brody stated, “I started coming here on Purim when I was a Shevach student, and I will not give it up! This is the true spirit of Purim that I hope to impart to my children.”

The Queens community can be very proud of the Shevach students, as we know that they will continue to do their wonderful acts of chesed and astound us with their willingness to give.