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The fifth through eighth graders of the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens were excited for the annual spelling bee! First, each class competed to get a class winner. Once all the classes had winners, these girls represented their classes in the school-wide spelling bee, which took place on Chanukah this year. The girls enthusiastically cheered on their classmates, as the 14 competitors took the stage. We are so proud of each class winner: Yehudis Aronovitch, Tziri Rosenholtz, Aliza Howitt, Shalva Kobre, Noa Harris, Malka Lavner, Sarala Weiner, Shayna Mendelson, Haddassah Boehm, Esther Keller, Gabriella Koyenov, Racheli Praeger, Nechama Friedman, and Meira Schuck. They worked hard and truly showed good sportsmanship!

The New Year got off to a sunny start for Emet Outreach’s Women’s Division. After a rewarding semester as students in Emet’s “Step In” and “Step It Up” programs, it was time for 16 young ladies to enjoy a much-deserved winter break. While it can be daunting to plan a vacation for girls ages 18-21 that comprises both Torah learning and exciting activities, that’s exactly what Emet achieved. Led by Ms. Shira Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, the six-day trip featured a packed schedule of motivational speakers, impactful religious experiences, scenic excursions, luxurious accommodations, and of course, the opportunity for meaningful friendship.

Hadar Bet Yaakov is Queens’ newest Beis Yaakov, distinguishing itself as a warm growth-oriented school. The school curriculum includes a strong academic core, as well as an array of electives, including public speaking, photography, dance, drama, and swimming. Hadar also prides itself on a rich socio-emotional curriculum presented in daily biur t’filah classes, Life Designs workshops, and therapist-moderated class group activities to hone in on interpersonal relationships.

The students at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens, from first graders through eighth graders, are learning science with hands-on activities to make science come to life! The first graders explored the water cycle and watched with awe as solid water, or ice, melted when heat was added to it. Liquid water was turned into steam when more heat was added. The girls can’t wait to begin their next science unit!

What does becoming a bas mitzvah really mean?

The sixth graders at the Bnos Malka Academy took a deep dive into mitzvos and how special they are, in preparation for becoming a bas mitzvah.