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Yeshiva Har Torah’s eighth-grade girls participated in a communal challah bake, coordinated by their Director of Student Activities, Mr. Rafi Allman, and hosted by their dedicated teacher, Morah Tzippy Erblich, during the sacred week leading up to Yom Kippur, known as Aseres Y’mei T’shuvah. The event offered these young students the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge, but also to immerse themselves in the hands-on practice of the mitzvah of making and separating challah.

Is there anything better than MTA Mishmar Madness? This past week, the yeshivah held its first of these highly anticipated events, which extend the regular Thursday night mishmar program through inspiring shiurim, beautiful singing, great food, and amazing activities.

Middle School STEM is off to a great start this year! Sixth graders learned about LEDs and made their own glow sticks. They were also challenged to build a tower of spaghetti that could hold a marshmallow on top. The tallest tower wins! In seventh grade, students had to design and build a case using minimal materials that would protect a balloon from popping when dropped from a high window. Looks like we have some future engineers here at HALB!