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So many students find finals stressful, with so much pressure, and what can feel like endless studying. True to YSZ HS’s “Head to Heart” mission, students are taught to be conscientious, resilient, and responsible during this hectic time. Research indicates that our brains are more creative and energized when given time to reset and recharge. It is this balance that enables our students to maintain high standards of rigor and intensity during the complex finals week. “Brain Breaks” help students decompress and relax after each final. Focusing on wellness, students enjoyed activities that helped them find balance and calm. This past week, students participated in activities that range from creating Acai bowls, beautiful Moss framed art, natural candle-making and yoga. This upcoming week, girls will package chesed projects, do some mindful crafts, and participate in guided meditation.

The principal at Ezra Academy (Ms. Sima Fish-Berezovsky, Esq.) has started a new initiative this year. She has begun having lunch with individual seniors or small groups of 12th grade students. The plan was to spend even more quality time with the older students as they are preparing to make incredibly difficult and significant life decisions – to hear the different ideas that the seniors have regarding a gap year in Israel, college, potential careers, marriage, etc.

Fun, Adrenaline, Teamwork, Creativity, Excitement – those are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking about the Cupcake Wars event that took place at HAFTR Middle School this past Motza’ei Shabbos. Seventh and Eighth Grade girls were divided into teams and competed to decorate cupcakes that were beautifully and creatively designed, working under significant time constraints. Challenges included designing cupcakes representing HAFTR Middle School as well as different chagim. Students then presented their cupcakes to a panel of judges consisting of Mr. Joshua Gold, Mrs. Einat Rabinovich, and Mr. Daniel Strook.