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College acceptance letters are starting to come in and MTA is excited to celebrate some exciting news! Twelve Seniors were accepted (early decision) to the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program at Yeshiva University, with a total of $1.2 million in scholarships!

YSZ is ready to greet the Shabbat Queen! What a special and moving assembly we had in honor of Rosh Chodesh Sh’vat! The program started with a skit by our G.O. girls on the topic of Hadlakas Neiros. Morah Kitiza Pahlaef explained the unique significance of Jewish women lighting Shabbos candles; it is an eis ratzon (auspicious time) for each of us to daven for any requests we may have and to connect to Hashem. At that time, the Sh’chinah of Hashem enters our very homes!

YSZ High School for Girls celebrated Rosh Chodesh Shvat with a tree painting workshop at a local art studio. It was a wonderful, relaxing activity that helped the girls focus and connect as they geared up for an intense two weeks of finals. “We have a very rigorous academic program. We truly want our girls to stretch their limits.  At the same time, it’s important for us to create a well balanced, inspiring and warm program. Everything we do is designed to prepare our girls for the future,” remarked Mrs. Zerykier, the Menahelet.

The Yeshiva of Central Queens’ (YCQ) Grade Four students and teachers embarked on a space adventure at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Westbury on Wednesday, December 5. Upon arrival, each class was assigned their own personal tour guide, who presented the Hubble Telescope, an actual Lunar Module, and the first planes made by the Grumman Corporation, which is located on Long Island. YCQ students were amazed to learn that Russia was the first country to send men, women, and even a dog into space, and the United States was the first nation to have a man walk on the moon.