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Yeshivos and day schools are being so creative to make students feel connected to school. On Rosh Chodesh Sivan, thanks to the PA, Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens girls were treated to boxes of mini-doughnuts. The girls ventured to the closest pick-up point, any one of nine homes throughout the Queens and Long Island communities.

Virtual classes and programs continue throughout the weeks at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls with exceptional chaburahs, art projects, cooking lessons, and book clubs enhancing the school experience.

At the Bnos Malka Academy, we value the experience of each and every student – whether in the school building, at home, or in virtual reality. The 7th and 8th grade students were scheduled to have their Philadelphia and Washington trips last week – a little inconvenience like lockdown was not going to prevent them from having fun! On Sunday, May 17, the students came to Bnos Malka to pick up boxes that were prepared with all of the supplies necessary for their “trips.”

The Yeshiva of Central Queens gratefully acknowledges the Names, Not Numbers© program that has taught our students about the Holocaust through the accounts of eyewitnesses, provided them with interviewing, filming, and editing skills, and, most importantly, enabled meaningful relationships to be forged between the survivors and our students.

Shevach High School has been moving forward consistently with remote learning and even enrichment during these trying times. Under the leadership of Shevach principal Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz and her dedicated staff, the students were logging on to their classes, with almost perfect attendance, immediately after schools closed in the New York area. Teachers went beyond their responsibilities to reach each and every student at the right time and guarantee that her learning would go on uninterrupted.