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The students at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens, from first graders through eighth graders, are learning science with hands-on activities to make science come to life! The first graders explored the water cycle and watched with awe as solid water, or ice, melted when heat was added to it. Liquid water was turned into steam when more heat was added. The girls can’t wait to begin their next science unit!

Students spend an amazing Shabbos of achdus, bonding, and connecting

The HANC High School Girls’ Retreat took place on Shabbos Parshas VaYeishev, December 20-22, at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury, Connecticut, and once again proved to be a highlight of the year so far. Students bonded with peers and teachers and felt an enhanced sense of closeness and connection that the Shabbos experience often brings. The achdus and spirit that the girls exuded was palpable throughout Shabbos and has definitely carried over into school for the week of Chanukah. Retreat 2019, which was attended by almost every single girl in the high school, is certainly a memorable experience that will have a long-lasting impact on all who joined.

After davening and breakfast, the Yeshiva of Central Queens fifth graders boarded buses for their annual trip to Greenkill Retreat Center, a nature program in upstate New York. On Wednesday morning, January 9, the students began their overnight journey. Students were split into groups and, upon arrival, they were introduced to their naturalists with whom they would spend the next two days hiking, participating in team-building activities, and facing challenging activities like crossing the rope bridge.

Sandwiched between Chanukah vacation and the Siyum HaShas, Rabbi Paysach Krohn spoke to the boys to kick off the brand new AHA! Program (Al HaMichyah Awareness). The goal of the program is to have the boys become more aware of the need to thank Hashem all the time, including after every meal and snack.