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Our physical school surroundings look different these days, but the learning and growing continue with fervor! Mrs. Sarah Bergman, principal, and Mrs. Karen Reisbaum, assistant principal, held teleconference calls with each general studies teacher to ensure a productive schedule. With the help of Mr. Yoni Platovsky and Mrs. Adina Shapiro the teachers are immersing themselves in distance learning with Zoom live stream classes and videoing additional lessons to expand the day. With multiple children and the need for multiple devices, the day extends as late as 8:30 p.m., much beyond the regular school day. Nonetheless, teacher they find the time to teleconference call, call students and parents, create engaging live and video classes, assess students' work, give feedback to the children, allay the children's concerns, and continue to expand the learning and caring. The Early Childhood program follows a similar structure.

Bnos Malka Academy has transitioned right into distance learning. While the whole world wishes for school to resume, setting up an alternative has been instrumental in facilitating learning and a sense of normalcy for the students. Students each have a schedule for call-in time with their teachers. Learning of Chumash, Navi, Haggadah, Math, Science, and ELA are but a few of the subjects in which students are engaged. With additional courses on the horizon, Bnos Malka is committed to helping their program remain productive and engaging with access for all students. May there be a r’fuah speedily for all of the world and for klal Yisrael.


On Tuesday, February 25, the Mathletes season concluded with the team competition. The final match against Freeport High School was hosted at HANC and, being behind by one overall point, the HANC squad worked hard, using their mathematical skills to come back to win the match and the season! This victory marks the seventh consecutive winning season for our school!

On Taanis Esther, a group of Shevach High School students went to visit The Boulevard ALP to deliver mishloach manos provided by Agudath Israel of America, and to bring the spirit of Purim to the residents. With fun costumes and lively music, the elderly residents and the Shevach students alike had a memorable and uplifting experience.