Dear Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to the column “Biden Did Good” by Izzo Zwiren. The author’s thesis is Biden showed some backbone by standing up to the far-left wing of his party by stating that Israel has a right to defend itself after being attacked suddenly by Hamas. The columnist also makes a point of praising Biden for expressing support for Israel’s response in public and giving him credit for pressuring Israel to seek a truce with Hamas. He believes had Israel not given in to Biden’s private urging, Netanyahu would have a “worse PR crisis” on his hands. In addition, Mr. Zwiren believes this truce will lead to “a relative peace in the next few years.”

Let me propose another scenario. Biden’s response to Israel’s retaliatory efforts was tepid at best. He knows full well that Congress, for the most part, is supportive of Israel, so his tempered and delayed response was just a nod to our lawmakers recognizing their support of Israel. At the same time, by not saying Israel should be praised in its efforts to retaliate in a way that limits civilian casualties, Biden was cleverly pandering to the anti-Semitic left-wing component of his party. By the way, it is clear to most of us now that Biden himself is not setting foreign policy, but rather his handlers – whoever they may be – are.

Israel will never win the PR crisis, no matter how hard it tries to avoid conflict. The world simply cannot tolerate seeing a Jew with a weapon in his hands. In addition, I would rather have a President who speaks publicly and privately in a consistent fashion. When leaders speak one way in public and another in private, it is redolent of the speech of the hate-filled Arafats of the world, who express peace outwardly and then encourage their citizens through internal communications to wage war against Jews and the State of Israel. As for Israel having a relatively peaceful several years ahead, that is utter nonsense. Hamas will use the time allotted to them by this truce to shore up their defenses (read: hide stashes of weapons in schools and hospitals), build more tunnels, and rearm with more rockets. When they feel ready, Hamas will use some flimsy excuse to attack the Jewish state again. This likely will occur sooner than later.

Lastly, I wonder how Mr. Zwiren is privy to the behind-the-scenes negotiations he proclaims to know so much about in his piece. He makes it sound like these tactics are fact, when I suggest it is mere speculation.

 Alan Perry
Hillcrest, New York


Dear Editor:

The “Recent Happenings” column in last week’s Queens Jewish Link was excellent, regarding the four House Democrats who were “Lone Voices” in rejecting the silence of the Democratic Leadership regarding anti-Semitism.

But this recent upsurge of concern about anti-Semitism by many of the Jewish Biden voters is really just a result of their having been born yesterday. Because, otherwise, all those with common sense can clearly see how the Democratic Party is certainly the political party of choice for Amalekites.

 Choni Herschel Kantor
Kew Gardens, New York


Dear Editor:

I have always liked the “Dating Today” column, but ever since Goldy wrote about the loss of communications/letter-writing after Prince Philip of England passed away, I have been riveted by her column and look forward to it every week.

I enjoyed reading letters and how couples wrote to one another before technology caught up to us. The beauty and fluidity of their words. It was all there. Her excerpt from my favorite author, Mark Twain, led me to discover books of letters that were written between him and his beloved wife.

Goldy followed up with the controversial article about the price of real estate in Queens and how it may be driving out the younger families (I will not comment on that topic), then her letter from the spoiled wanna-be “kollel wife” and the wonderful letters and her responses to men and women with dating dilemmas. Goldy is very in-tune with people of all stages in life, old, young, married, divorced, widowed, and single. It’s almost as if she has an old soul.

It doesn’t take a master’s degree to doll out the sensible advice and, as she says, her own “opinion” to those who email her. I find her opinion to be right on the mark. The past six weeks or so have been an absolute joy to read her column. I save it for Friday night after I “tzin lecht” and then settle down to enjoy it while my husband is in shul. I would love to read the emails that don’t make it into her article! What a trove of treasures those must be!

If I ever do get the chance to meet her in a store or on the street, as she sometimes says readers stop her, I would thank her for being down to earth and giving advice/opinion as any friend would – truthfully, but with a straight approach.

May she and her family stay in our midst and be happy and healthy, and may her children only be a source of brachah to her family.

 Leah Shemtov


Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Izzo Zwiren’s article, “Biden did good.” In that article, he praises Biden for his handling of the recent battle between Hamas and Israel, and criticizes Trump.

Zwiren stated, “Over the two weeks of spilled blood, President Biden showed something that had previously been missing in his presidency: the ability to stand up to the Far Left of the Democratic Party.” He also refers to Trump as a “blabbermouth.”

This comment has no factual basis at all. In fact, Biden supported the far-Left anti-Semites of the Democratic Party.

Biden directly addressed Rashida Tlaib in a speech in Dearborn, Michigan, on Wednesday, May 12. Biden stated, “Rashida Tlaib – where’s Rashida? I’ll tell you what, Rashida, I want to say to you that I admire your intellect, I admire your passion, and I admire your concern for so many other people... You’re a fighter and G-d thank you for being a fighter.”

By making this comment, Biden is, in effect, supporting the most heinous form of anti-Semitism. Tlaib is a Palestinian-American who is a Michigan Democrat and one of only two lawmakers to back the Boycott Israel movement.

In her Twitter account, Tlaib states, “Israel targeting media sources is so the world can’t see Israel’s war crimes led by the apartheid-in-chief Netanyahu. It’s so the world can’t see the killing of babies, children, and their parents. It’s so the world can’t see Palestinians being massacred.” Tlaib also compared Israel to Nazi Germany in a previous tweet.

In addition, Tlaib retweeted a tweet by Hanan Ashrawi, a top Palestinian official, who accused Israeli settlers of kidnapping, assaulting, and throwing into a well an eight-year-old child. “The heart just shatters,” Ashrawi said. Ashrawi later admitted that the charge was false, but Tlaib refused to issue an apology for retweeting this blood libel.

Before her trip was canceled due to Israel’s refusal to admit the organizers, we learned that the “Palestinian organization that had organized Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s planned delegation to Jerusalem and the West Bank once claimed that Jews put Christian blood in matzah.” This is the most classic iteration of the blood libel before its evolution in the modern Middle East.

Ilhan Omar, another member of the “Squad,” also accuses Jews of being traitors to America and only after the “Benjamins” (money).

The Democratic Party, including Biden, refuses to condemn or even disagree with these blood libels.

Izzo claims that he is against anti-Semitism. Yet he has no problem with Biden’s support of Tlaib, and he attacks Trump, who is the most pro-Jewish president in history.

It should be noted that Trump stopped payments to the Palestinian Authority because the money was used to pay terrorists to murder Israeli Jews. Biden restored these payments.

Biden and the Democrats are sending a message to Iran and their allies: We will provide lip service to supporting Israel, but you can kill the Jews with our blessing and funding.

The anti-Semites in America got the message: “free season on Jews.”

Izzo should be supporting Trump and the Republicans, not Biden.

 Martin Berkowitz


Dear Editor:

I think Goldy Krantz is wonderful. She takes on the issues that are current in the shidduch dating world and she approaches it with common sense. When my children were dating, I wanted to punch half these people in the face with their questions, and rules, and other nonsense. Good for Goldy and the QJL for publishing a refreshing new type of advice column for those who need real-world advice and not have to look back at what Yaakov said to Rachel and Leah. Sometimes common sense is all that is needed.

Goldy, my husband and I applaud you.

 Rachel and Yitzchak Malikoff


Dear Editor:

I’m writing regarding last week’s Letter to the Editor, “Nadler Is Treif for Jewish Voters,” by Larry Penner.

First, the author discusses how Nadler states Lander will hold corporations accountable for not paying women equally. The author goes on to state how every corporation has a personnel department familiar with anti-discrimination laws. I agree with the author how this is political theatre at its finest. But is the author so naive as to believe that every corporation adheres to these rules? Why are there Equal Opportunity Commissions at the local, state, and federal level, and why do our courts every day hear equal opportunity lawsuits?

Second, the author discusses how Nadler is aligning himself with Ocasio-Cortez and Jumaane Williams, who are very far to the left. I couldn’t disagree more philosophically with either one. But in case it missed Mr. Penner’s notice, this is America. The same freedoms that allow Mr. Penner to submit letters to the newspapers everywhere, 90% of which are ludicrous, are the same freedoms that allow Nadler to associate with whomever he wishes. Nor do I agree with everything Israel does. Williams and Ocasio-Cortez have the absolute right to criticize Israel, so long as they are not engaging in libel or slander.

The author mentions Nadler endorsing the idea of reparations for blacks, which he is against. I happen to agree with the author. But in various opinion pieces justifying his opinion, the author discusses how much the Civil Rights Act helped Blacks, ignoring the fact that even after the CRA, many atrocities were committed against Blacks. The author looks at life through the rose-colored glasses of a middle-class kid from Great Neck as opposed to, say, a Black man or woman from the Jim Crow South.

If the author feels so strongly about Nadler, why doesn’t the author run against him in the next election? There are no residency requirements for Congress other than living in New York State. I can’t run for paid partisan office but I can run for unpaid party position. I’m poised to become County Committee member and District Leader. Has the author ever run for office? Or is it more fun to be a “keyboard warrior?”

 Nat Weiner
Bronx, New York


Dear Editor:

One can judge a person’s character by the company he or she keeps. Did you receive an invitation to Governor Cuomo’s latest campaign fundraiser to be held in New York City on June 29? Tickets are only $10,000 or two for $15,000. You can enjoy rubbing shoulders with New York State’s one percent, favorite Pay to Play, and Democratic Party elite. Cuomo already has $16.8 million in cash on hand to run for a fourth term. Like most ordinary New Yorkers, I can’t afford the price. I am willing to park limousines, bus tables, mix drinks, or check coats.

Cuomo is currently under investigation for potential scandals related to nursing home deaths, sexual harassment, and his multimillion-dollar book deal. He has hired outside legal counsel at the cost of $2.5 million at government expense. Why not use some of the proceeds from his upcoming fundraiser and current campaign kitty to pay for his legal representation, rather than pick the pockets of taxpayers to foot the bill?

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York