Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword in high tech these days and for good reason. Decades of dreams, hard work, and breakthroughs have made concepts once reserved for science fiction a reality. These advances are good for people and for business. But is AI going too far? Do we need to worry about a super-advanced technology that can get out of control?

Have you ever heard of carmeltazite? Don’t feel badly if you haven’t. This is a new mineral and until recently was thought to exist only in space. Several months ago, however, it was discovered in Israel. The mineral is exceptionally rare and beautiful. According to Forbes it also has the potential to become more valuable than diamonds.

Being overweight is the new normal in America and this not an opinion: it’s proved by the latest statistics. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than seven out of ten adults age 20 and older are either overweight or obese. These numbers are lower for children and teens but have been rising steadily and rapidly in recent decades even for them.

By the time you read this, the drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil facility on September 15 could be history, a story over and done with. Or it might have mushroomed into a nightmare scenario: a full-blown war, chas v’shalom, with the world quaking and trembling from the terrible attacks that are unfolding.

Respected charities are underfunded, a growing number of people can’t pay rent and mortgage, and many more can’t even pay their utility bills. But you’d never know this by the habits of some pet owners. They’re lavishing huge amounts of money on luxuries – for their pets.

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