Investors with a long-term horizon don’t worry about the day-to-day market moves; only the long-term matters to them.  Day traders, on the other hand, hang on every twist and turn in stock prices.  They try to make a quick profit and move on to the next trade.  They love volatility and, fortunately for them, there’s been plenty of that lately.

If you think buying stocks for their dividends is boring, well, maybe sometimes it is – but certainly not always! The right ones can be surprisingly lucrative, and that’s pretty exciting.  And with a little luck, they can generate hefty and growing returns for many years.  

The problem is all too obvious and reaches from coast to coast.  More than half a million Americans suffer from this.  The federal and state governments have spent tens of billions of dollars to help, but the improvement is hardly noticeable. Meanwhile, the problem is getting worse and no one can think of a solution.

Even if you follow the news only occasionally you’ve undoubtedly heard that large parts of America are experiencing exceptional heat and prolonged drought.  But did you know that large parts of Europe are facing the same problems?  While each of these developments is bad on its own, the combination makes things even worse.