Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword in high tech these days and for good reason. Decades of dreams, hard work, and breakthroughs have made concepts once reserved for science fiction a reality. These advances are good for people and for business. But is AI going too far? Do we need to worry about a super-advanced technology that can get out of control?

There are so many security features built into the computers and other technology we use, that most of us feel protected from cybercrimes. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that often proves to be costly. Skillful criminals are constantly on the prowl for victims – and they just may be targeting you.

Being overweight is the new normal in America and this not an opinion: it’s proved by the latest statistics. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than seven out of ten adults age 20 and older are either overweight or obese. These numbers are lower for children and teens but have been rising steadily and rapidly in recent decades even for them.

Respected charities are underfunded, a growing number of people can’t pay rent and mortgage, and many more can’t even pay their utility bills. But you’d never know this by the habits of some pet owners. They’re lavishing huge amounts of money on luxuries – for their pets.

August 5, 2019, is a day that investors would love to forget but few will. The Dow Jones Industrials plunged 767 points, the worst drop in 2019, and the sixth worst one-day point decline in Wall Street history. Losses on the New York Stock Exchange outnumbered winners by a margin of six to one. Bad as the close was, it marked a recovery of 200 points from the low of the day. With this carnage occurring in the week preceding Tishah B’Av, the timing was perfect.

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