Europe is about to learn what the words “hot,” “cold,” and “energy dependence” really mean.  Very possibly, America will too.

School has just begun, and in this case the teacher is Gazprom, a Russian energy conglomerate that is the largest producer of natural gas in the world.  Estimates are that it supplies Europe with up to 40% of this resource. 

Events thousands of miles from Israel could generate windfalls in political and economic benefits.  These are not things that may happen sometime in the future, but developments that are unfolding right now. Unfortunately, wherever big money goes, risks and danger always follow.  The current situation is not an exception.

After so many oil embargos and price shocks, energy crises and shortages, you’d think we’d know better at this point, that we’d do everything possible to prepare if there’s another one down the road.  Unfortunately, we haven’t learned lessons from the painful experiences we’ve had in the past.  In fact, it’s almost as if we’re tempting fate, daring it to bring on another crisis. 

Why are young people dying at record rates?

Most business stories are clearly about business, but some can’t be classified that simply.  They can just as easily be labeled current events, health trends, or something else.  The story that follows is an example of this, and probably the best way to categorize it is “bizarre.”  An additional comment: You may find it disturbing.