Adherents honor the dead with fire ceremonies, feasts, and by reciting spells. Its roots stem from magic and the occult, but contemporary issues like COVID, protecting the environment, and healing the world are remembered during services.  Considering its rapid growth, one could argue that it has become mainstream.  Even those that disagree would have to acknowledge that in important ways Wicca, the religion of witches, has become a modern phenomenon.  

Five decades ago, most of China was poverty-stricken and many regions didn’t even have running water or electricity.  Today, thanks to the ingenuity of the Chinese people, and their hard work and talent, it has become the second largest economy in the world, is a world leader in science and space, and has more foreign exchange reserves than any other country. Given these amazing advances, it makes a lot of sense to watch everything they are doing very closely.      

There are thousands of people we pass on the streets each day, but each one is unique.  They have different backgrounds, are at different stages in their lives, have very individualized hopes, and are trying to resolve their particular troubles.  But there is one medical challenge that many of them share: diabetes.  Unfortunately, it is a very serious one.

Just when you thought oil and coal were mere relics of the past, and that going forward energy would be plentiful, clean and cheap - surprise, surprise, it ain’t like that after all.  In fact, the outlook is the opposite: Some regions of the world are experiencing very serious shortages of energy and prices are rising sharply. These developments are making inflation worse and could even lead to political unrest.