The year between last Rosh HaShanah and this one will likely be remembered as a difficult one, with rising global tensions, division at home and painful losses in markets. Among the prayers millions of people will have in mind this year is that Hashem bless the world and resolve these challenges very quickly.  All of us are desperately in need of these blessings.

Years ago, when Bill Gates was the world’s wealthiest person by a significant margin, he visited Israel.  Gates held a wide-ranging news conference, and as one would expect, one of the questions was about money and particularly suited to him. The question: Does money create happiness?  Gates answered without blinking an eye. “Absolutely not,” he said.

We haven’t heard much about this – yet.  But a growing number of countries and high-tech companies are actively preparing to get involved in this exotic new industry.  Based on the talent and money they are pouring into it, clearly they see great potential.  And, no pun intended, this industry could get off the ground in the very near future.  And while no one can say that a traffic jam is building in space, a surprising number of countries are definitely heading to the Moon.