There are so many security features built into the computers and other technology we use, that most of us feel protected from cybercrimes. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that often proves to be costly. Skillful criminals are constantly on the prowl for victims – and they just may be targeting you.

A few years ago, the CEO of a Seattle-based design and marketing firm observed something curious at her company. At the beginning of the week, employees were pumped and put in a hard day’s work. However, by the end of the week, much of their energy had been drained and their productivity was way down.

When Avigail Ruben* was born, her parents felt blessed, grateful, and had big dreams for their baby. But as Avigail started getting older they sensed that there was a problem. Unfortunately, after consulting with doctors, they learned that their concerns were justified.

August 5, 2019, is a day that investors would love to forget but few will. The Dow Jones Industrials plunged 767 points, the worst drop in 2019, and the sixth worst one-day point decline in Wall Street history. Losses on the New York Stock Exchange outnumbered winners by a margin of six to one. Bad as the close was, it marked a recovery of 200 points from the low of the day. With this carnage occurring in the week preceding Tishah B’Av, the timing was perfect.

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