This past week, Rabbi Eli Slomnicki, Principal of HANC High School, visited students in their respective Yeshivot and Midrashot throughout Israel, demonstrating to our Alumni how important they are to the HANC family. Maintaining close relationships with alumni is greatly emphasized at HANC and is one aspect of school that truly stands out.

Rabbi Slomnicki wrote in a message to the HANC community about his Israel visit, “I was inspired by the dedication our alumni have for limmud hatorah. I had the pleasure of visiting our shana aleph alumni in their yeshivot/midrashot and saw first-hand their commitment to growing as bnei/bnot Torah.”

A highlight of the trip was on Tuesday, December 27th, when members of the Class of 2022 were reunited and treated to a delicious dinner at Piccolino’s in the heart of Yerushalayim. The students spent time reminiscing and each student shared a brief message about their own growth or a dvar Torah they prepared, making the reunion a reflection of what an aspirational HANC student and alum is.