Colors: Blue Color

On Sunday, May 19, Shevach High School’s STEM class presented their engineering projects at CIJE Innovation Day. This exciting interschool competition at Bell Works in New Jersey included over 1400 students from 45 different Jewish schools from across the United States. After setting up their projects, students met with the judges and explained the technology and processes that they used to build their products.

Even the pouring rain outside, which forced a change of venue for the HALB Lev Chana Third Annual Lag BaOmer Bike-a-thon to the SKA gym, could not dampen the spirits and excitement of our determined bikers, as they donned their helmets and began pedaling their laps to raise money for FD NOW. FD NOW is an organization that supports groundbreaking research, as it desperately looks for better treatments and a cure for Familial Dysautonomia, a life-threatening neurological genetic disease prevalent in the Ashkenazi community.

The Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens’ eighth graders were introduced to the basics of computer coding when they began learning programming language, an educational language based on Java. Initially, students were skeptical of their abilities to write meaningful code, but by the end of the first lesson, most of them had picked up enough of the computer language and syntax to produce color and shapes.

For the fourth summer, the Bnos Malka Academy will be hosting the Culinary Camp for Teenage Girls. The four-day, hands-on experience is an intensive program from Claire’s Kosher Kitchen. The topics will include, knife skills and food safety, and stocks, soups, and sauces, as well as braising, roasting, and pan searing of beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. The girls will make artisan breads and fresh pasta, and will learn the secrets of making a French omelet.

Each year, HANC seniors are given the opportunity to choose between a professional internship and a week of dynamic seminars to culminate their high school experience. This year, we had a record number of seniors participating in exciting internships. Seniors who opted for seminars heard from dynamic presenters who led interactive workshops on various important topics.

Last week, HAFTR Middle School was privileged to host Deborah Heiser, PhD, Founder and CEO of I.M.A.G.E., and TEDx speaker, as they formally launched their partnership with The Mentor Project. The Mentor Project is an organization that connects students with real-life scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and even astronauts. This mentoring provides students with opportunities to engage with professionals who have experience and hands-on knowledge in different STEM fields, and in exchange ensures that the knowledge gained by the mentor is shared and conserved.