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Central’s Model UN Team, chaperoned by History teacher, Dr. Katina Manko, and captained by seniors Meirav Grajower and Hannah Hamerman, returned from the Yeshiva University National Model UN Conference this week. The annual conference was held in Stamford, Connecticut, and included 48 yeshivah high schools and over 400 participants from around the world.

The 9th Graders of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls had a great time “painting the night” on Motza’ei Shabbos, February 8. Led by Art Academy teacher Mrs. Meredith Pyle, the Freshmen honed their artistic abilities while painting a butterfly canvas. Bonding over delicious ice cream and snacks, the girls appreciated the opportunity to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere in the school auditorium with their grade-level advisors, Mrs. Sheila Leibtag, Mrs. Rikki Ash, and Mrs. Tzippy Calm, and madrichot Chaya Bodek, Rocheli Lowy, Shira Strauss, and Bina Weiss.

MTA’s Model UN Team was excited to participate in the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN). The conference, held at the Crowne Plaza in Stamford, Connecticut, from Sunday, February 9, through Tuesday, February 11, was attended by representatives from 48 yeshivah high schools from across North America, as well as South Africa and Brazil.

Bnos Malka Academy students showcased their talents at their annual Education Fair. Middle school students demonstrated their creativity with detailed tri-boards displaying their research on states, countries, and scientific experiments.

The Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens sixth grade is learning about a topic close to many of our hearts – chocolate (okay, also about percents...). When Mrs. Lindell inquired as to who likes chocolate, many girls said they did. On a quest to prove that they really do like chocolate (Mrs. Lindell claims not to believe them), they sampled 100% chocolate (very bitter), 85% chocolate, 55% chocolate, and milk chocolate with 38% cocoa solids (absolutely delish). The students learned a lot about chocolate, percents, and reading ingredients. Whether or not they like chocolate or sugar (or sugar-flavored chocolate or chocolate-flavored sugar) is still up for debate.

On Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11, the Yeshiva of Central Queens Junior High School sixth-grade girls prepared and hosted a Tu BiSh’vat Shuk. A shuk is an outdoor market in Israel. The girls decorated the multi-purpose room at the Yeshiva to make it look like a shuk in Israel. There were different kinds of foods, such as pickles, olives, candy, dried fruits, baked goods, and vegetables for the different brachos. The younger grades had passports and were able to purchase the items with the printed shekels they were given from the “bank.”