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What number do you call if there is an emergency? Do we ever hide from a firefighter? These are two questions that were repeatedly asked by Firefighter Melanie Kael during her visit to the HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center. Medics Jud Berman (father of Nate) and David Coleman (father of Noam) joined members of the Woodmere Fire Department – Firefighters Melanie, Eliyahu Dweck, Jawad Kiani, and Darren Moritz – who guided the children in discussions on how to be safe.

This past week, Mesivta Yam HaTorah imparted a priceless lesson to its students. Oftentimes, people see chesed around them and are beneficiaries of chesed, but at times we take it for granted. To instill the idea of recognizing the chesed and all the work that goes into it, we teamed up with Achiezer.

On Wednesday, December 18, MTA’s Senior Yeshiva Fellowship Cohort and their Mashgiach, Rabbi Mendelson, visited the Beth Din of America, where they heard from active member Rabbi Shlomo Weissman. Rabbi Weissman explained everything the Beth Din of America does, including the three types of cases they hear: matrimonial, monetary, and proof of ancestry.

There are many ways to celebrate a bas mitzvah. Some students in HALB’s sixth grade class have developed a new and unique program to make the bas mitzvah experience more meaningful for themselves and their parents. In order to refocus attention on core Jewish values, the girls came up with a number of ideas that developed into the Giveaway Pledge. First, the girls decided that to maximize impact, they would give up something in exchange for something that they felt was more meaningful. The participating girls have chosen not to give away party favors at their bas mitzvah party and, instead, the girls decided to give to others who are less fortunate. As a result, the girls are participating in numerous chesed projects throughout the year. Last, the girls would like to learn more about how to broadly change their communities. To this end, the girls are learning about philanthropy and will even create a formal board that will allocate charitable funds donated by an anonymous donor at the end of the school year.

It was another incredible Mishmar Madness at MTA on Thursday, December 19, with more than 200 talmidim participating! The evening began after regular Thursday night Mishmar, with chaburos led by YU talmidim and Seniors in MTA’s Julius Wrubel Beis Midrash Katan program, and an interactive and engaging shiur with Religious Guidance Coordinator and YU Rebbe Rabbi Aharon Ciment.