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In September of 2008, as Ezra Academy began another school year, the students and staff were excited for all the great things that would come to fruition. Among the newly enrolled students was a seventh grader by the name of Yitzchak Aminov. Coming from public school, Yitzchak was placed in the Mechinah track, where he was taught the Alef-Beis for the very first time. Like all middle school/high school students, Yitzchak dealt with his ups and downs in and out of the classroom.

Corey the Dribbler Puts on an Exciting Show for Silverstein Hebrew Academy Students

Students from the Silverstein Hebrew Academy in Great Neck recently received a special visit and a captivating show from the former Harlem Globetrotter and youth motivational speaker, Corey the Dribbler. Corey is a four-time Guinness world record holder who travels throughout the US, inspiring students with the character message READ, which stands for Respect, Education, Attitude/Activity, and Don’t Bully or Do Drugs. These are the four principles Corey encourages students to abide by through an interactive and powerful basketball show.

On Monday evening, December 30, Central bid farewell to 11 sophomores who are off for a month in Israel as part of the Central/Ulpanat Zvia Exchange Program. The exchange program, directed by Mrs. Tova Rosenberg, who escorted the students to Israel, pairs our students with those at Ulpanat Zvia, one of the finest High Schools in Israel, located in Ma’aleh Adumim.

Over Chanukah, students at IVDU Long Island were privileged to join in exciting inclusion activities with two local mainstream schools, Bnos Bais Yaakov and Yeshiva Darchei Torah. The IVDU girls joined Mrs. Gul’s third grade class for a fun and interactive game of Bingo, where the girls enjoyed playing the game and receiving prizes along with their peers. They then created beautiful edible “menorahs” to finish off an exciting trip!

On Wednesday, December 25, the Second Grade students of HANC Plainview received their first Chumashim. They filled the room with excitement as they sang beautifully in Hebrew about what they will learn from their new Chumash. Each student shared what they were looking forward to learn about from the stories in the Chumash in Hebrew, with the translation for the audience in the program.