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Bais Yaakov of Queens’ fourth grade students are inspired readers! In the beginning of the year, Mrs. Bashevkin’s class began a 20-book challenge, a class contest where each girl is challenged to read 20 books of different genres over the course of the year. For each book or 150 pages completed, they complete a book link, creating a chain of hard work on display in the classroom. Altogether, while they are working toward the class goal, they are also building a class community, rooting for each other, and performing daily computations to figure out how many book links are needed a day in order to reach their next goal.

Students in Mr. David Horstman’s Engineering I and II classes have been hard at work all semester putting their knowledge of software, circuits, and engineering principles into practice through projects of their own choice and design. On May 19, 50 of them showcased their work at the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) Innovation Day, attended by 1,700 students from the tri-state area.

It was the largest Jewish STEM event in the world!

Over 30 ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade STEM students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls were among 1,500 Capstone presenters at the CIJE Innovation Day held on Sunday, May 19, in the Holmdel, New Jersey, headquarters of Bell Works.

The juniors have been studying American history all year, so this week they went to Boston to see where it all began! They toured downtown Boston by land and by sea on the city’s famous Duck Tour, and then visited Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, and Harvard Square.

This past Monday, the seventh and eighth graders displayed their decade projects at the Social Studies Decades Fair. Each group was given a different decade and put many hours of effort and research into their amazing final products. Many parents and siblings came to the fair and had a great time seeing their child’s/sibling’s projects. There were tri-fold boards as well as a digital component that each group created. The digital component also included audio and music clips. Students dressed up from their decade. The students learned a lot and had fun!