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Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe celebrated Lag BaOmer with its annual bonfire. The Lag BaOmer simchah started with the bonfire and live music. The grades 1-4 celebration started with Rabbi Bookson speaking to the boys about what the simchah of Lag BaOmer is and why we celebrate it. Rabbi Pollak was then honored with lighting the fire and started the singing of Bar Yochai with the boys. Rabbi Bookson then led the boys in great singing and dancing around the bonfire.

Finals and Regents exams are always a chance for students to demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the year, but Wednesday evening was the first of its kind at Central: a siyum to collectively celebrate all the Torah learned in the building over the course of the year, without any connection to grades or evaluation.

As a culmination to this year’s self-paced kashrus class, Morah Pollak’s eighth grade class at HALB was honored to have Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz of the Beis HaKnesses of North Woodmere (BKNW) come in to address their halachic questions that had come up throughout their learning. Rabbi Lebowitz is an expert in the laws of kashrus and is involved with the Vaad HaKashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway. He discussed their questions in depth and addressed their concerns. They left inspired and thoroughly enjoyed the session!


The students at the Yeshiva of Central Queens have been focusing on STEAM learning. First and Second Graders are working on the idea of engineering and the process of coming up with an idea for something that can help make our lives easier, creating a design of that idea, building it, and testing it – even if they have to do it over and over until they get it right. Working as engineers, students learned about space exploration, including the planets in order from the sun, and how astronauts and other engineers design and build things like rovers to help explore the universe to where humans cannot always go. Following a discussion about exploring Mars, they built their own Mars-rovers using their knowledge of science, technology, and math, and combining it with their creative, artistic side.

In preparation for the upcoming Siyum HaShas, Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe has joined the worldwide Masmidei HaSiyum program created by Agudath Israel of America. Boys throughout the school have been learning Gemara, Chumash, and Mishnah during non-school hours in an effort to connect with klal Yisrael’s great celebration of finishing the Daf Yomi cycle, as well as raising their hasmadah in learning, as the Yom Tov of Shavuos approaches.

Yeshiva Har Torah’s seventh graders brought home some hardware from the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress, as in years past.

Earlier this year, YHT’s seventh graders put on an amazing science fair for guests and judges. The judges selected five projects from the fair to send to the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress, hosted by HALB and attended by teams from Bais Yaakov Academy, Bnos Malka, HAFTR, HALB, Moriah, Ramaz, Shulamith, YCQ, YHT, and YOSS.