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It was the largest Jewish STEM event in the world!

Over 30 ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade STEM students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls were among 1,500 Capstone presenters at the CIJE Innovation Day held on Sunday, May 19, in the Holmdel, New Jersey, headquarters of Bell Works.

To learn more about how the respiratory system works, BYQ’s fourth graders simulated a lung. Inside a bottle, the lung was a balloon, the trachea was a straw, and the diaphragm muscle was a cut balloon. When Mrs. Schochet’s students pulled down on the “muscle,” the “lung” expanded and filled with air! When the muscle was released or pressed up, the air went out of the balloon, and the “lung” deflated.

This past Monday, the seventh and eighth graders displayed their decade projects at the Social Studies Decades Fair. Each group was given a different decade and put many hours of effort and research into their amazing final products. Many parents and siblings came to the fair and had a great time seeing their child’s/sibling’s projects. There were tri-fold boards as well as a digital component that each group created. The digital component also included audio and music clips. Students dressed up from their decade. The students learned a lot and had fun!

On Monday, May 20, the Bnos Malka Academy hosted their annual Michael & Irina Kimyagarov Math Tournament for grades 7 and 8. The girls competed individually and as teams, solving complex math problems. After each round, the girls had an opportunity to share their responses and solve some of the work together, with the facilitator, Mrs. Irina Kimyagarov. All schools went home with trophies, celebrating their successes. Congratulations to all of the girls on a job well done! 

The entire MTA yeshivah celebrated Lag BaOmer with an incredible day of sports and activities at Camp Merockdim! From softball, basketball, hockey, and soccer to volleyball, flag football, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, karate, and crafts, there was truly something for everyone.

On Thursday, May 16, MTA Seniors who participated in the Names, Not Numbers program screened, “Names, Not Numbers: A Movie in the Making.” The film, by Michael Puro, followed the group of 45 Seniors as they interviewed seven Holocaust survivors and captured their stories. Now in its 13th year at MTA, the Names, Not Numbers program provides talmidim with the unique opportunity to own the project from beginning to end. Talmidim were involved in the entire process of documenting the survivors’ Holocaust experiences, including developing interview questions, filming the interviews, and editing the footage. They were also privileged to learn techniques from media experts, including award-winning investigative reporter Jonah Kaplan of ABC-11 Eyewitness News.