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The Pesach Prep Program at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens culminated last week with a fantastic show! The Pesach Prep Program, which encourages the students to help out at home with Pesach preparations, is one of BYQ’s most popular programs. A month before Pesach, each student receives a Pesach Prep Calendar and is asked to fill in the amount of minutes per day that she helps to get ready for Pesach. Any activity that makes Pesach Prep easier for parents, such as cleaning, babysitting, cooking, shopping with derech eretz and patience (and not kvetching!), keeping occupied and not disturbing when a parent is busy (for younger students), and packing to go away, can be included in the contest. Any student who reaches the allotted amount of time for her grade attends an exciting show.

 The middle school was privileged to hear from renowned speaker Mrs. Toba Shifrin this week on the topic of Tz’nius. Mrs. Shifrin explained the concept of Tz’nius in a whole new way, and the girls walked away so inspired and uplifted. A tremendous thank you to the PA, and the Schwartz, Freedman, and Pinkhasov families for sponsoring this event!

Rabbi Heshy Glass is the founding national chairman of the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools, and is a longtime educator with over 35 years of experience overseeing both elementary schools and high schools across the country. He spoke on Yom HaAtzmaut to the middle school and described the appreciation we have for Eretz Yisrael. He also masterfully spoke of the appreciation we must have for those who sacrificed their lives so we can visit and daven and benefit from Eretz Yisrael.

The excitement and fun activities didn’t stop as HALB Lev Chana celebrated the 71st birthday of the State of Israel. The day-long celebration began as our children arrived at HALB Lev Chana, showing off their blue and white attire and staring in amazement at the multitude of Israeli flags on the walls, windows, and doors of their classrooms, buildings, and trees. They boarded El Al Flight 70, davened Shacharis, and ate delicious snacks. Their t’filos and Hallel were even more meaningful as they talked about how important the Land of Israel is to them and the world.