Hamaspik expands to the Five Towns, filling a great need in the community

“For so many parents of children with special needs, getting services meant dealing with agencies from other communities who didn’t get our culture,” says Chava Laufer, OPWDD-HCBS regional manager in the Five Towns.  “We needed a local agency that can provide services catered to our every nuance. Hamaspik, ever on the lookout to service even more people even better, saw the opportunity to help people in the Five Towns.”

Leading the industry for over three decades, they endeavored to provide the signature Hamaspik services for the community, by the community. Creating a local team of devoted coordinators and care managers, they’re ensuring that every person will feel right at home with every service, program, and worker. Indeed, Hamaspik is comprised of professionals that best understand the clients they serve.

But that’s not all. The state-of-the-art office provides people with the convenience of simply walking in, asking questions, signing up for services, and gives easy access to meetings.

Hamaspik’s mission of providing services, support, and hope to people going through challenges so they can lead a fulfilling, productive life, directs their every action. Here too, they’ve endeavored to truly service clients with the highest standard of care, and can now give support and hope to clients and their families genuinely, as the employees from the community, understand the culture and their needs thoroughly. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening of the new location took place this week, followed by the k’vias mezuzah as the community toured the beautiful office. They then enjoyed a lavish meal celebrating the grand-opening. Inspiring speeches and great entertainment followed, making it a beautiful evening for all.

Rabbi Josh Sturm, Rav of Young Israel of Staten Island, who served as the emcee, started off the event with the history of Hamaspik, and how vital their services are for the Five Towns community. “Hamaspik is the pioneer in helping people going through challenges. For years now, they’ve been the front-runners in providing services with their signature compassion,” he said. “Now, they’re bringing it here for us to benefit from.”

Rabbi Asher Stern, Rav of Kehilas Bais Avrohom Zev, moved everyone present as the keynote speaker. He extolled the virtues of the “malachim” at Hamaspik, referencing p’sukim in that week’s parshah. His penetrating words left all inspired.

Next, Rav Sturm called up Mr. Hershel Wertheimer, Executive Director at Hamaspik of Kings County, who spoke passionately. “Back in the day, children with special needs were called “closet kids” and for good reason. They were shunned and not cared for properly. Hamaspik mitigated the stigma for the special needs community and are well on their way to do the same with the mental health community.”

“We’re not just here providing services,” noted Mr. Wertheimer. “We truly want to support and give hope to each and every client. Setting up a new location required months of work and tireless effort, but it all serves the Hamaspik promise of putting clients first. I’d like to extend my appreciation to Mrs. Chava Laufer, OPWDD HCBS Regional Manager, for all she’s done with ceaseless devotion. She gave it her all, to successfully set up our newest regional office in the Five Towns!”