SKA’s new initiative, Advisory, led by the Guidance Department, has proven to be a valuable resource for our students. Small and personalized groups of girls, guided by faculty members, allow students to form close relationships with teachers and peers while providing guidance and support. Each month has a theme that is relevant and interesting.

This month’s topic, “Empowering Students to Address Anti-Semitism,” is unfortunately extremely germane to our daily lives. The SKA students and their advisors discussed current events facing Jews today, learning how we use these experiences to become better Jews and better citizens.

The students focused on last week’s commemoration of the Auschwitz liberation, watching a clip from Israel’s Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center. They discussed Vice President Mike Pence’s speech and how people react to events in different ways. Each advisory group explored what it means to be proactive and how to call on our resilience as a nation and as individuals. To conclude the sessions, the groups created projects in response to what they learned.

SKA’s Advisory’s goal is to allow our students to talk about difficult topics in a safe environment and learn how to react in a proactive manner.