Meet Shelly Levine In The NY Tri-State Area Now Through December 6

Before I traveled to the USA, I decided to challenge myself to join an organized hike “Yam to Yam” from Lake Kinneret to the Mediterranean Sea – a five-day journey with nights stops at a northern kibbutz.

Corona had us all closed in for so long that I wanted to reconnect with my beloved Eretz Yisrael. This trip inspired me to once again travel across the USA and meet with individuals interested in buying or investing in a home in Israel.

Let me tell you, this hike was challenging! After five days of hiking, we reached the Mediterranean Sea. We poured water we collected from the Kinneret into the sea and sang Hatikvah. That was a very emotional moment for all of us.

My dream for the past 30+ years has been to build the land of Israel. As G-d tells Abraham in Genesis, “Come walk all over the land, through its length and breadth, for to you I will give it.”

And indeed, the land is ours! I am privileged to have settled thousands of people here over the past three decades, and I hope to continue until 120!

Our current properties are located in Jerusalem: Ha Nevi’im St. Azza St. & Agripas St., Ma’ale Adumim, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Modi’in, Netanya and Ashkelon.

 I am now in the USA through Chanukah and will be happy to answer all of your real estate questions.

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By Shelly Levine