Oh, so you put profound quotes as captions on all your pictures. Soooo brooding and deep. I’ve been hurt. You’ve been hurt. We have all suffered emotional pain. But are you still sulky and surly while rehashing it in your own mind over and over and…? I know. Someone did something wrong to you, maybe very wrong. But now you are nursing that wound and reliving that sore and sorrow, sabotaging any hope for your inner peace or happiness.

Not certain that I have an inner “child,” but I sure do have an inner dork that surfaces every now and then. Can you relate? Do you consciously challenge yourself to stretch to the highest level of your being? Wow, Caroline, whatever does that mean? We talk of “evolving” in elegant and exquisite terms, but first you must have a vision of what you are moving towards. Do you wish to cultivate more empathy and compassion? Perhaps you want to learn to adapt better to unexpected circumstances in your life. Let’s be honest. If you don’t evolve, you will continue to revolve. Do you really want to make those same mistakes again? I didn’t think so. You have no time, you say? If you have time for Instagram and Facebook, you got time to feed your spiritual being. I saw that. Don’t you roll that third eye at me. Lol.

“You’re so cool.” That’s one compliment that will never go out of style, isn’t it? You know those who are irresistibly confident and seem to have the entire world at their disposal. Ah, yes, those cool people. So intriguing and unique.

So, how often do you feel uncertain, anxious, or intimidated? Isn’t it high time to let go of that critical self-doubt and self-talk? If you truly believe that no matter what life throws at you, you will be okay, then you could handle just about anything.

Sooo, you hit the gym daily, limit those carbs, and get it all done. You’re in great shape and oh so healthy. But are you? Well, first off, you can always “carb load.” In other words, eat all the pies, pasta, and bread you can get your hands on the night before the race. After all, you know what they say: The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day, you’re off it. Lol.

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