Do you care if others are aware of and accept your feelings? Does he give credence to your moments of sadness or anxiety? Does she support you when you are overwhelmed with anger or uneasiness? When was the last time someone said: “I can see that you are truly upset today. How can I help?” Or: “You seem unusually down in the dumps. I’m so sorry.”

Problems with our loved ones or friends can be looked at through the prism of disconnecting and reconnecting. Every relationship can at times suffer a loss of trust or care. Sometimes the hurt is small or of no great concern. The pain can be more serious if there was a genuine breach of trust. We are all at risk from those to whom we deposit our trust and love.

Is it too theoretical or abstract to ask if people can actually change? If someone you care for or love inflicts pain on you time and time again, you may just begin to ask yourself that question. It may be someone you are incredibly emotionally invested in, and you do not want to simply walk away.

Can you embrace the unpredictability of the future? If you cannot determine it, how can you have tranquility of mind? How do you avoid being corrupted by the world or broken by stress? Do you work on your body and forget about your soul? I woke up today determined to eat less, drink less, and exercise more. But that was a few hours ago when I was younger and full of hope. My advice: Have some coffee. It will give you the illusion that you are awake.

How can you live a more joyous life? The universe is made of material things, clearly, but what comprises your essence? Do you often feel disorganized or even aimless? If your life is out of order, how can you function day after day? Believe it or not, organizing your day soothes stress and anxiety. It will additionally give your confidence a much-needed boost.

Despite the severity of your circumstances, my friends, you always have a choice of attitude. The most important thing you can do to be emotionally strong is to strengthen your mind. If fate has attacked you, you need to shore up your emotional well-being. Have you been able to shake off the pain of past events? Perhaps you feel continually harmed by circumstances that might not even take place in the future.