As a prime contender in a hotly-contested mayoral race, Andrew Yang chose to return to Kew Gardens Hills this past Sunday afternoon in an attempt to sway undecided voters in the neighborhood known to use the ballot box to voice their opinions. Early in the race, Assembly Member Daniel Rosenthal made waves with a groundbreaking endorsement for Yang, which was followed by other leading Jewish political and communal endorsements. Rosenthal has stood by his candidate of choice, culminating in an important endorsement from the Queens Jewish Alliance for Action.

As Yang entered the Jewish Center of Kew Gardens Hills to speak before the JFK Democratic Club, he was ushered in by members of the Alliance who urged the candidate to remember the needs of the Jewish community. As the candidate entered the ballroom, those gathered erupted in cheers and chants encouraging the candidate and his wife Evelyn.

During his optimistic talk, Yang announced, “There is no public safety without police.” The candidate, who was introduced by both Rosenthal and Jeff Kohn of the Club, spoke about how the New Yorkers he’s met simply want the City to work and for small businesses to be opening and not closing. “We must restore our optimism with New York City,” said Yang, adding, “It’s about getting results; let’s get ourselves the government we deserve.” Yang repeated one notable shoutout to District Leader Shimi Pelman, reminiscing on a time when the two worked together in the healthcare industry.

Yang offered to be the community’s partner in bringing about change and pledged not to become entangled in political agenda because he understands that we are “the real-life thing.”

Yang then spoke with voters along Main Street, stopping into Shimon’s Pizza, Max & Mina’s Ice Cream, tweeting, “Rallying in Kew Gardens Hills with @DanRosenthalNYC @DemsJFK! Had a great time joining our incredible supporters as we chatted about the issues and canvassed the neighborhood. I also had delicious blueberry and cream ice cream at Max and Mina’s.” Also on the strip, Yang visited Rabbi Nochum Kaziev of Grill Xpress and David Hod of David’s Cleaners. Yang departed Kew Gardens Hills with a pledge to revisit and always keep the community at heart.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein