There has been no greater degree of polarization in the world than in the past decade. It has permeated and impacted society in far reaching ways.

When road rage leads to murder, as happened in Park Slope this past week, society has to recognize there is a problem.

When expletives are hurled at a president of the United States by movie stars, NBA basketball players, and the like, society has to do some introspection. When the media pumps out news that is either not fit for print, or cannot be backed up by facts and multiple sources, then there is a breakdown in civilization. Unfortunately, social media platforms are not kind to truth or facts. They tend to superheat an already overheated environment.

Coronavirus has already done extensive damage. Worldwide, 156,433 people have gotten the virus and 5,821 have died. Although most who contract coronavirus have mild to moderate symptoms, susceptible individuals can get very ill and die. The sharing of health information the world over has brought the world a lot closer and ultimately will help all of us overcome.

Democrats and Republicans passed a bipartisan, broad sweeping relief bill to alleviate many of the hardships associated with coronavirus. This is a good sign.

Coronavirus does not differentiate between a Democrat or a Republican. All are equally affected.

America must wage war on coronavirus. This is a life and death struggle. This is a real-life, dramatic wake up call. Forget the bickering, the petty feuds, the soapboxes and the microphones. This is real life in real time. This challenge requires facts and truth. There are no half-truths, misinformation, or delusions. Life and survival depend on only the facts. Fiction is the enemy.

Coronavirus has brought us all down to earth again. The more we work as a team, the more people will live. It is that simple. Coronavirus has become the great uniter. If we indeed unite, we can beat Covid-19. If we continue to point fingers, quarrel, and play the blame game we all lose.

Joseph M. Frager is a physician and lifelong activist.