The young men at Metivta Tiferet Torah have always demonstrated great fortitude when it comes to their growth in Torah and yirat Shamayim. It is truly uplifting to see the great lengths they will go to improve their midot, Mitzvot, and learning.

Project Reconnect has brought that dedication to the next level. With the goal of freeing their minds of noise and distraction, Project Reconnect participants took concrete, measurable steps to limit their screentime and app use 24 hours a day.

The impact has already been felt, as a large group of talmidim who place great value on their growth in Torah were awarded an action packed 3-day trip to Orlando, Florida, to celebrate their completion of the program. The trip included visits to numerous parks and attractions, and all the boys enjoyed a fantastic time.

We look forward to continuing the program and expanding it in the near future as part our ongoing efforts to teach responsible use of technology.