The Congressional Lines

The redistricting lines proposed by a state panel heavily favor the Democrats, befitting of their supermajority in Albany. While the state will lose a Congressional seat based on last year’s census results, the Party seeks to pick up representation among those remaining by drawing Republican incumbents into districts where party registration leans heavily toward Democrats.

A dozen local doctors, and a nearly matching number of local yeshivos, sponsored a free Zoom presentation this past Monday, given by Dr. Paul Offit, a renowned authority on children’s immunizations. Nearly two years into the coronavirus pandemic, there are millions of Americans who refuse to be vaccinated, despite evidence that doing so can keep people out of the emergency room.

A month ago, many Jewish bookshelves around the world still had volumes of inspirational books that quoted children as an empowerment and teaching tool. When multiple allegations emerged that the author behaved inappropriately with women and children, Jewish institutions and homes worldwide tossed the books away. Then came the difficult part of explaining the absence of the once-popular books, the allegations against its author, the lives that were damaged, and preventing such incidents from happening to our children.