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In August 2019, the Queens District Attorney race was narrowly won by Melinda Katz, a center-left Democrat who was the Borough President at the time. Her victory in the Democratic Primary came after a recount, as Tiffany Cabán, the public defender with only a few years of experience, almost pulled off as shocking a victory as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez achieved the year before. That election became the push the Queens Jewish community needed to begin a registration drive.

Last week, the never-ending gaffe machine and presumptive Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, went beyond his usual verbal vomit and said something extremely racist. He has since put out an apology, which gives the liberal media the excuse to ignore the remark faster than they normally would. However, should the voter forgive and forget so quickly?

In a city of neighborhoods, the small park in the commercial center serves as a town square where people gather and rally around ideas. MacDonald Park fulfills this role in Forest Hills, as the site of a rally against anti-Semitism six months ago and this past Sunday for Black Lives Matter, the slogan and movement that emerged in the aftermath of highly publicized incidents of police violence against African American individuals.

In every crisis, opportunities are presented for introducing innovations. For voters in New York, the innovation arising from the coronavirus pandemic is an expanded criterion that would allow citizens to vote by mail. Through an executive order issued on April 9 by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the definition of a “temporary illness” includes “the potential for contraction of the COVID-19 virus.” This effectively makes everyone in the state eligible for an absentee ballot.

Since the murder of George Floyd, a black man in Minnesota who was suffocated to death by a white police officer, American cities have been subject to protests, riots, and looting by those who seek to use this tragic event to their own personal and political gain. This is being pushed along by the Democrats and the media, who are one entity at this point, in an attempt to gain an electoral edge.

After months of sycophantic worship at the altar of Andrew Cuomo, it’s time to pull back the curtain and reveal New York’s Governor for what he is: the man responsible for his state’s awful response to the coronavirus pandemic.