Makeup is a great way to highlight your best features and detract from your flaws. When applied incorrectly, it can exaggerate the exact issues you wish to camouflage, plus it will add years to your face. The following tips will instantly help you look younger.

When you look at a baby’s skin you will notice that the feet are just as soft as the face since there’s no wear and tear to the bottom of the soles. Eventually, as children turn into adults, you begin to notice how lifestyle factors greatly impact the skin. From the foods we eat, the amount of sleep and exercise we get, to how we manage stress, all seem to have a correlation to the way our bodies function. Try eating a box of cookies in one sitting and you will see a couple of extra pounds on the scale. In other instances your lifestyle does not have an immediate effect but can take its toll years later. For example, a few childhood sunburns can turn into trouble down the road.

Did you know that July 29 was National Lipstick Day? Are you curious why this holiday even exists and how it got started? A beauty insider purchased the rights to this holiday in 2016 in order to promote sales for newly launched beauty products.

Although I’m not a fan of shidduch resumes and photos, it’s unfortunately a reality in our fast-paced and high-tech world. Resumes don’t really depict the whole story, but merely serve as a marketing tool, slanted by the writer. To make matters worse, the required photos are now adding insult to injury and are a recipe for disaster. I have found that 90% of shidduch photos get disqualified from the onset – because boys and girls seem to have an image in their head of what their spouse should look like. The process is equivalent to catalogue shopping, in which most photos just don’t make the cut. If you want a blue top or pink skirt, just search for it on Amazon and you can probably find something suitable at the right price. Unfortunately, Amazon does not yet have a division for finding the perfect spouse. As a matter of fact, Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, just settled his own divorce.

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