From caredim to Ethiopians to everyone in between, JCT has proven since 1969 that Israel
can be the land of opportunity for students from any background

(Courtesy of JCOT) Friends of Jerusalem College of Technology, which rallies support for an academic institution that is at the forefront of empowering underserved populations in Israeli society, will celebrate the school’s 50-year anniversary at its New York City gala dinner on November 3 at the Lincoln Square Synagogue.

Jonathan Medved, founder and CEO of the highly successful OurCrowd, will be a guest speaker at the event, which will also honor Jerusalem College of Technology’s Vice President Stuart Hershkowitz and Moriah and Yoni Belzberg, both currently students at JCT who personify the values of the college.

JCT has a vast history of successfully empowering underserved Israeli populations, which include:

The college’s charedi graduates attaining an 89% employment rate, far exceeding the roughly 50% employment rate for charedi men in Israel as a whole.

Fifty three percent of JCT’s computer science students are women, who account for 20% of female computer science students in all of Israel.

Over 180 Ethiopian students have graduated from the Reuven Surkis Program for Students from the Ethiopian Community, 97% of which have gained employment after graduating.

In addition, JCT also provides students from around the globe the opportunity to obtain a prestigious academic degree while immersing themselves in Torah study. The international program, run completely in English, is available for both men and women for a very affordable cost when compared to higher education tuition in the United States. For more information, please visit:

“Sadly, many demographic sectors in Israel are pushed to the margins of society and lag behind in the workforce. At JCT, we provide these underserved communities with the tools they need to ensure they will have a seat at the table, not only for themselves, but for generations to come, which will also have a profound impact on the Israeli economy,” said Stuart Hershkowitz. “Additionally, our international program in English is continuing to gain popularity due primarily to the high-quality academics, while offering a religious environment on campus.”

The college has also produced alumni who have become leaders in Israel’s defense industry and are involved in top-tier defense projects like the Iron Dome and Arrow anti-missile systems, as well as the country’s space program and satellite development efforts. The school has produced a great number of Israel Prize winners over the years. 

The gala will be held November 3, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at Lincoln Square Synagogue, 180 Amsterdam Avenue, New York City.