“This is what my mother taught me,” insisted Bethia as she refused a financial reward for returning a missing wallet to its owner. “I did it because it’s the right thing to do, not for payment.”

So you are doing Pesach the traditional way - at home with the generations. You’ve cleaned the house, taken out your Pesach utensils, cooked the traditional dishes, and prepared for the guests, both family and friends. The table is set with fancy accoutrements, and new holiday clothing is ready.

Most of us are focused on getting to Pesach at this time of year. We are cleaning, shopping, cooking, and preparing for company with long task lists to accomplish. Our goal is coming to seder night with a chometz-free home, to tell the story of our redemption from Egypt and our formation as a holy nation with our generations at our sides. Our goal is to perform the mitzvos of the  night together with grandparents and grandchildren.