Ezra Boys spent last Shabbos shteiging with the Traveling Chasidim in Monsey. Organized by Rabbi Eli Geller, Mashgiach Ruchani of Ezra Academy, Shabbos Shekalim counted in many significant ways for the Ezra Senior boys. The senior boys also members of the Kollel, contemplating spending a year in Israel were invited to Monsey, along with alumni, to really spend time pondering the benefits of taking a gap year in yeshiva. The Shabbaton was attended by a mix of current senior boys, recent alumni back from their years of learning in Israel, and married alumni beginning their own families. The warmth of the experience was a truly perfect environment to reflect on the numerous advantages of spending post-high-schools year(s) learning in Israel. The beauty of Shabbos with the traveling Chasidim only enhanced the idea that developing a frum household of their own, should be their priority.

The program over Shabbos included so many inspiring events. From the opening toameha at the home of the Roydes to the seudah there on Friday night and the Melave Malka hosted by the same family, Ezra has extreme hakarat hatov for their hospitality. The boys were also treated to tremendous words of chizuk by various speakers over the weekend including Rabbi Yisroel Gottlieb, Rabbi Yisroel Royde, and Rabbi Yosef Heller. Additionally, the boys had time to learn b’chavrusa, organized in such a way that an alum was paired with a current student. These pairs have already outlasted the first learning moments, as the chavrusas have met again over the past week.

All in all, the success of the Shabbaton can be felt in the positive feelings that continue after the last dance of melave malka, in the chavrusas and bonds that develop and are maintained after such a weekend and in the overwhelming push by the seniors to make post high school plans that involve a commitment to Torah. Ezra thanks Rabbi Geller, the traveling Chasidim, and the participants of the shabbaton.