On Sunday evening, May 22, Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky, rav of K’hal Mevakshei Hashem in Lawrence and well-known speaker and author, spoke virtually on behalf of Let’s Get Real With Coach Menachem about expanding our avodas Hashem and how this connects to Shavuos. He shared that “the biggest brachah in the world is to realize how much Hashem loves us and how much we love Him.”

On Tuesday evening, May 16, the Navigating the Medical System Lecture Series, hosted by Congregation Etz Chaim, featured a virtual lecture on breast cancer. Dr. Tammy Ju, breast surgical oncologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Queens, shared the most current medical information on this subject. She explained that breast cancer starts in the breast tissue when cells grow out of control. It usually begins in the ducts or lobules. Invasive cancer can spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.