On Sunday evening, May 24, United Kollel streamed a powerful pre-Shavuos event with three star-studded speakers. The first speaker, HaRav Shlomo Miller, Rosh Kollel and co-founder of Kollel Avreichim Institute for Advanced Talmud Studies in Toronto and head of the Toronto Beis Din, began by imparting that “marbeh Torah, marbeh life. We have a purpose in life.” Even with the batei midrash, Torah is still alive. Everyone is still learning. He shared a d’var Torah from Parshas BaMidbar that the numbers counted were all round numbers, to teach us that every Jew is alive for a purpose – “especially now, when your learning is bringing down the Sh’chinah.” When you are learning by yourself in your house, then Hashem is your chavrusa. When it is difficult to learn, we have a higher elevation in learning. Now we can really appreciate learning in yeshivah. “When we return to our batei midrash, it will be like rebuilding a beis mikdash m’at.”