Chazaq’s Shaping Lives Sunday School impacts the lives of hundreds of public school children every week by providing learning and fun in 6 locations!

Recently, the program had its first Parent Breakfast in its Forest Hills branch.

The Parent Breakfast, spearheaded by Shaping Lives Executive Director Daniel Gadayev was a massive success. With many parents from this location in attendance, they were given a glimpse into what education their children receive on a weekly basis with a beautiful slideshow.

The program included a presentation of davening songs by the students, a cupcake decorating for both children and parents, and a lecture on parenting by Chazaq Director Rabbi Ilan Meirov. A highlight of the program included students sharing their experiences of how the program impacted their lives. It was both amusing and inspirational to hear little children speaking in public, probably for the first time.

The beautiful gathering concluded with a parent workshop about positive parenting by Mrs. Galit Meirov, LMFT. Credit for the amazing progress of the students goes to Shaping Lives Forest Hills Director Hannah Iskhakov, Assistant Director Adina Bracha Itzhaki, and all the amazing teachers, including Dina Babekov, Esther Akperov, Leah Ibragimov, Miriam Yakubov, Or Bracha Pinchasov, Sara Munarov, Sara Rivka Yakubov, Tamy Katanov, and Hannah Setareh.

Hannah Iskhakov voices the feelings of the teachers when she says, “The students have learned so much over the past three years! Many came in not knowing what an alef was, and now these same students are able to read fluently. Many are even currently learning to write in Hebrew script. We are so proud of them!”

To find out more information or to sign your child up for Chazaq’s Shaping Lives Sunday School Program, please contact Danny at 917-705-1818.