Seniors Miri Granik, Rachel Rumstein, and Rina Shamilov had a fantastic experience at the three-day Schusterman High School Summit in Washington, DC, this past week, accompanied by Mrs. Audi Hecht, History chair. They joined 400 high school and college students in an experience of shared passion and interest in learning about how to advance the Israel-US relationship.

Miri, Rachel, and Rina attended a variety of workshops about lobbying the various branches of government, as well as briefings on the politics and history of the Middle East. They also heard inspiring accounts of young people who have become involved in building a strong Israel-US relationship, including current college student leaders who spoke about their work on their respective campuses.

The climax of the trip came on Tuesday morning, when the three seniors lobbied Central’s local congressman, Congressman Gregory Meeks. Miri, Rachel, and Rina were highly informed about the issues they discussed and were energized in their fervor for promoting Israel. The students are excited to share the highlights of their trip with the school community and to continue to work within the school to bring Israel advocacy to the fore.