Are you looking for a thought-provoking, interactive, text-based, in-person parshah class in Queens? On Monday evenings at 7:05-8:05 p.m., participants of all ages and backgrounds gather at the home of Rebbetzin Trani Rosenblatt, at 147-36 69th Road, in Kew Gardens Hills, to enjoy an informative parshah class with Rabbi Avraham Dovid Garber, rav of Yeshiva Kesser Torah and Founder of Our Jewish Children, which provides tuition assistance for yeshivah to children who would otherwise go to public school. The class leaves the participants with practical musar ideas to apply to daily life.

On Monday evening, September 12, a large crowd gathered at Beth Gavriel for a night of inspiration in memory of Yosef ben Angela (Yosef Matayev). Rabbi Ilan Meirov shared a beautiful shiur highlighting the important things we should be doing now during this month of Elul, and he spoke about how inspiring Yosef Matayev was to everyone who knew him.

On Sunday evening, September 4, Let’s Get Real with Coach Menachem featured Rabbi Jacob L. Freedman, MD, Mishpacha Magazine columnist and psychiatrist in Israel, who shared an enlightening talk and discussion on how to support families who are dealing with a mental health crisis. Rabbi Freedman stated that the most important thing to know is that a lot of people are struggling. Every single family will deal with some sort of a mental health issue.

Rabbi Shaya Cohen, Founder and Director of Priority One, shared his wisdom and experience in chinuch and parenting in a virtual interview with Rabbi Yaniv Meirov, CEO of Chazaq on Tuesday evening, August 30. Rabbi Cohen has been working in the field of chinuch for over 40 years, and he has dealt with children at risk or children who went away from Judaism. He has an outreach yeshivah, a kollel, and a branch in Israel. His emphasis is on educating and training the educators.